Pursuing Excellence with the Morehead Cain Scholarship

As one of the most prestigious merit-based programs globally, the Morehead Cain Scholarship identifies exceptional talents dedicated to betterment through purposeful careers inspiring others.

About the Scholarship

Established in 1951, the program:

  • Provides full four-year awards including tuition, room/board, books and enrichment costs.
  • Currently supports 120 UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates across all majors annually.
  • Seeks to cultivate future leaders through academically rigorous educational experiences.
  • Has invested in over 2,000 alumni impacting diverse fields that enhance humanity.

This initiative leverages talents elevated above circumstance through education and opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements

Prospective scholars must:

  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership, community engagement and intellectual vitality.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.7 GPA in a rigorous high school curriculum.
  • Exhibit strong standardized test scores and extracurricular roles showcasing passions.
  • Submit exceptional application essays conveying ambitions and influences inspiring them.

Merit alone does not decide; character and potential for impact warrant recognition.

Benefits of Selection

If chosen, scholars gain:

  • Full cost of attendance coverage avoiding financial barriers disproportionately faced.
  • Access to enriched global study, research and internship opportunities abroad.
  • Networking through a distinguished alumni community empowering young leaders.
  • Prestige elevating prospects for leadership roles and graduate/professional programs.

Impactful advantages empower fulfilling educations propelling careers ahead meaningfully.

Application Process

Candidates submit competitive packages including:

  • Detailed activity resumes spotlighting accomplishments developing well-rounded talents.
  • Persuasive personal statements expressing visions for positively changing the world.
  • Rigorous high school transcripts validating capabilities rising to elite challenges.
  • Supporting recommendation letters speaking to character inspiring further excellence.

Meticulous efforts distinguish profiles amongst many accomplished candidates annually.

Program Impact

Morehead Cain Scholars:

  • Represent diverse talents excelling above privilege through circumstances faced.
  • Matriculate directly from secondary school committed to NC residency.
  • Utilize keen intellects through selective Carolina coursework enriching communities.
  • Access unparalleled leadership preparation guiding futures transforming various fields.
  • Join a distinguished alumni network worldwide that perseveres improving lives everywhere.

Inspired scholars access unrivaled preparation empowering impactful trajectories ahead developed through supported educations cultivated.


As a testament to its traditions of excellence, the Morehead Cain Scholarship identifies and cultivates outstanding talents beyond measure through merit alone. By nurturing promise above privilege, this esteemed program secures unmatched advantages guiding scholars resolved to better humanity everywhere through the bright paths cultivated ahead. Strategic application showcases worthiness for life-changing opportunities within this renowned community.

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