Winning Scholarships Through Unigo

Although costs continue rising, scholarships remain one of the most impactful ways to fund higher education for many students. Unigo provides an accessible platform connecting ambitious learners to relevant awards that align with their backgrounds and goals.

What is Unigo?

As the leading college scholarship search engine and community:

  • Unigo has awarded over $100 million to students across 6,000 partner programs since 2011.
  • Its comprehensive database catalogues 300,000+ public and private scholarships from local to national levels.
  • Features like Deadline Tracker and College Match help applicants target the most fitting opportunities.
  • The supportive community forums provide guidance from scholarships coordinators and successful recipients.

By centralizing information, Unigo streamlines the daunting process of locating and applying to impactful funding sources.

Navigating the Unigo Database

Advanced search tools enable finding awards matching:

  • Academic Major/Minor – Filter results by degrees, certificate programs desired.
  • College Year – Such as for upcoming freshman, currently enrolled sophomores, etc.
  • Special Categories – Like those focused on STEM interests, underrepresented groups, artistic talents.
  • Award Amounts – Sort by minimum/maximum dollar values to meet budget needs.
  • Deadlines – Prioritize timely prospects while keeping future options open.

This personalized approach enhances competitiveness for each lead found.

Strategizing Top Applications

Once several scholarships align, build exceptional submissions by:

  • Composing Purposeful Personal Statements uniquely addressing each prompt.
  • Curating Resumes emphasizing achievements differentiating experiences.
  • Requesting Strong Recommendation Letters initially when writers are freshest.
  • Assembling Academic Records presenting credentials clearly in format required.
  • Completing all components accurately while adhering to formatting and deadline instructions meticulously.

Polished packages enhance chances competing amongst qualified pools of candidates.

Scholarship Maintenance and Renewal

For multi-year awards:

  • Maintain Minimum GPA and Credit Requirements verifying ongoing eligibility.
  • Submit Annual Progress Updates and Transcripts demonstrating continued qualification standards are met.
  • Express Gratitude for Support through letters indicating impacts made thus far through education provided.
  • Explore Adding New Scholarships awarded each term complementing total funding amounts.

Diligence sustains commitments benefitting academic journeys and future opportunities derived.

Unigo Scholarship Profiles

Members build informative profiles containing:

  • Personal Background – Highlighting interests, career goals, community involvements.
  • Academic Record – Detailing GPA, majors, honors achievements clearly presenting credentials.
  • Awards Received – Listing ongoing scholarships demonstrating proven worthiness for additional aid.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Providing recent references speaking to character and qualifications.

This consolidated information attracts overlooked internal scholarships within the Unigo community itself.

Unigo Community Forums

Valuable networking occurs through features like:

  • Ask a Question – Soliciting advice navigating specific challenges or improving applications.
  • Scholarship Coordinator Q&As – Learning strategies directly from professionals awarding sponsor programs.
  • Scholarship Blogs – Following recipients’ personal journey insights sharing impactful stories.
  • Congrats Board – Celebrating one another’s wins motivating others further in the process.

Interactive support offsets evolving concerns encountered along individual pathways.

Unigo Alumni Opportunities

Graduates gain access to:

  • Fellowships and Internships – Applying skills developed and scholarships awarded previously.
  • Career Center – Networking communities matching experience levels across industries.
  • Continuing Education Funding – Graduate degree, certificate programs through special alumni awards.
  • Mentorship – Sharing wisdom gained back with current students requiring guidance.

This sustained engagement maximizes long-term returns on initial Unigo participation and scholarship investments made within members’ futures.

In Conclusion

Whether entering or returning to higher education, aspiring scholars streamline funding potentials through Unigo’s unparalleled centralized collection. Strategic searching paired with community involvement positions members advantageously across public and partnered private awards available. Constant effort broadens horizons toward transforming educational visions into realities with ongoing support sustaining bright paths ahead. Unigo empowers dreams through relevance and perseverance.

Top Colleges For Masters In Molecular Biology In USA

International students clamor to study in the USA because of its renowned educational system. Admittedly, tuition fees may be expensive in universities and colleges in the US, but there are many financial aid plans, including loans, grants, and available scholarships.  This article will cover some of the top schools that offer masters in molecular biology in USA.

Best Colleges for Molecular Biology

The University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering

The University ranks among the top 25 universities in the world. The University offers a wide range of programs and is well known for its Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program. The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is well-equipped for graduate research in aerosol science, biochemicals, fluid mechanics, molecular modeling, nano and particle technology, polymer reaction engineering, protein engineering, systems biology, systems biology, systems research, and thermodynamics.

The graduate program’s admission requirements require a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 and above in engineering, computer science, physics, applied mathematics, physical sciences, or other related courses from an accredited institution

Lehigh University

Lehigh University is a private research university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The University is known for its social sciences, arts, humanities, and natural sciences courses. The University currently has 1,894 undergraduate students, 342 graduate students. The University also offers a master’s program in Molecular Biology. The master’s degree program in Molecular Biology can be completed online

At the end of the master’s program, students must have been equipped with advanced and up-to-date understanding of cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. The program is well suited for part-time students who have an interest in the biotechnology industry. This online degree program is ideal for individuals seeking biomedical research careers in academia, industry, and government.

Admission Requirements are 2 Letters of Recommendation, a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution with an overall grade point average of at least 3.0. Tuition for the program is a bit over $56,000.

University of New Haven

The University was founded on the Yale campus in 1920, and it is located on the coast of southern New England with over 7,000 students and campuses across the country and around the world. The University offers a master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology. The master program is perfect for students who want to pursue or advance careers in the rapidly expanding fields of biotechnology, basic science, and pharmacological research.

The program has both thesis and non-thesis options. Students who elect the thesis option must carry out an original thesis research project under departmental faculty guidance. Students choosing a non-thesis option are required to take a written comprehensive exam in addition to laboratory coursework. The comprehensive exam will assess the understanding of the coursework and evaluate one’s ability to synthesize research and theory in cellular and molecular biology and present it in an effective written format.

The University offers scholarships and tuition assistance to both domestic and international students.

University of Washington

The University is located in Seattle and ranks among the top 10 universities in the world. The University offers a wide range of programs, including a graduate program in molecular and cellular biology which is offered in partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The University is considered as one of the best in Masters In Molecular Biology In USA

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia and ranks among the best universities globally. The University offers a graduate program in Cell and Molecular Biology. The University boasts of more than 380 scientists from a range of discipline,

Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology studies and examines the cell’s structure and function. The cell has been repeatedly defined as the basic unit of life. Cell biology is concerned with the physiological properties, metabolic processes, signaling pathways, life cycle, chemical composition, and interactions of the cell with their environment.

Cell Biology Vs Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology deals with the study of biological activities at a molecular level inside a cell. It tries to focus on and understand the interactions between different biomolecules and related observations. This is aimed at understanding the different processes inside a cell and its effects on the living organism. Cell biology is a branch of biology studying the structure and function of the cell, also known as the basic unit of life.

Online Masters in Biology

Students are opting for online master’s Biology programs due to the flexibility associated with online courses. Students who pursue their masters In Molecular Biology In USA degree online could take courses in a variety of topics. These could range from plant pathology, conservation of birds and mammals, and animal behavior to human genetics and anatomy.

Many universities in the US offer online masters in biology, such as:

Liberty University: the University offers an online masters in Molecular Medicine

George Washington University offers an online master’s in Molecular Diagnostic Sciences. The program is a clinical program designed for individuals who hold national certification or wish to become certified in Molecular Biology. The University also offers Masters In Molecular Biology In USA

The University of the Southwest offers an online MS Biology in Forensic Science. The program is flexible and made to tailor to individual needs. The course can be completed in 8 weeks.

The University of Saint Joseph offers a Master of Science in Biochemistry. The course is an integrated program combining coursework in biology and Chemistry in an online format.

Best Undergraduate Biology Schools

Harvard University ranks No 1 for the best school in the US for Biology and Biochemistry. This is followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, respectively.

Masters in Biochemistry

A Master’s of Science in Biochemistry program usually takes 2-3 years to complete. Many schools offer thesis and non-thesis programs of study. A Ph.D. in Biochemistry program may take 5-7 years to complete. Graduate courses vary among institutions; general courses may include the study of Molecular biologyProtein methodsGeneral biochemistry, etc.

Schools in the US with top master’s program includes Loyola University Chicago, California State University, Northridge, Washington State University, University of Nebraska – Lincoln and California State University, Long Beach.

Molecular Biologist Education

In order for students to become molecular biologists, they must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in a related science field like cell biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology, general chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, molecular biology, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra. Some schools will require completion of a research project during a doctoral program

Online Masters in Biochemistry

Some schools offer online masters in biochemistry. The course outline and program will differ from one school to another. Some programs might cover advanced methods in biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. The University of Saint Joseph offers a Master of Science in Biochemistry. The course will consist of an integrated program in the fields of Biology and Chemistry. Villanova University also offers an MS in Chemical Engineering

What Can You Do with A Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology?

A degree in molecular and cell biology can lead to a multitude of careers in botany, genetics, medicine, and biotechnology. Studies in this field can lead to careers in a lab, a school setting, research, or a combination of all of these.

Best Undergraduate Schools for Biology

Some of the best schools in the US to pursue a bachelor’s degree are, University of California—Berkeley, University of California-San Francisco, Best Universities for Biology and Biochemistry, Johns Hopkins and Cornell University


Best Boarding Schools in Washington State 2023

Best Boarding Schools in Washington State

The top four boarding schools in Washington include Annie Wright Schools, The Northwest School, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and Spring Street International School. These institutions are the best based on their academic reputation, holistic approach to education, extracurricular activities, and student satisfaction.

How Many Boarding Schools are Located in Washington?

Washington has about 500 private and Boarding Schools that serve over 80,000 students in the United States (US). These Boarding Schools include Christian boarding schools, junior boarding schools, all-girls boarding schools, and others that serve different purposes.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Washington State 

Washington State has numerous educational opportunities with some of the finest boarding schools in the country. Suppose you’re a parent or student looking for the best academic experience. In that case, exploring the top boarding schools in Washington is recommended.

Here are the top 10 best Boarding Schools in Washington State: 

1. Annie Wright Schools

Annie Wright Schools

Address: 11111 N 24th St, Tacoma, WA 98407

Tuition: $49,675

Annie Wright School has its location in Tacoma and was founded in 1884. It offers both day and boarding options. Annie Wright is known for academic excellence and a strict curriculum emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and global awareness. It is also one of the best Boarding Schools in Washington State. The school has a student population of about 550, with small class sizes and personal attention. Tuition fees vary based on the grade level and boarding options. Students in the school give it a rating of 9/10 based on their reviews.

2. The Northwest School

Address: 1601 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Tuition: $59,000

The Northwest School is in Seattle, Washington, and was founded in 1980. The school prepares students to be global citizens by focusing on academic excellence and community engagement. The Northwest School offers courses in arts, music, and outdoor programs, fostering students’ holistic development. They have about 500 students with close attention from faculty members. The Northwest School has a rating of 9/10.

3. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Address: 2000 N 24th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Tuition: $64,000

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart has its location in Bellevue, Washington, and was founded in 1907. The school is known for its commitment to academic excellence, spiritual development, and social responsibility. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart accommodates only 15 per class, which gives room for a supportive learning environment. The school also has a rating of 9/10 from students’ and parents reviews. It has a rating of 4.73 out of from reviews from students and parents.

4. Spring Street International School

Address: 1211 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Tuition: $57,000

Spring Street International School was founded in Friday Harbor, Washington, in 1995. The school is known for its international focus and experiential learning opportunities. Students worldwide who seek an educational environment that fosters cultural understanding and global perspectives love this school. Spring Street International School has a student body of only 70, with a rating of 4.73 out of 5.

5. Eastside Catholic School

Eastside Catholic School

Address: 232 228th Ave Se Sammamish, Wa 98074

Tuition: $27,750

Eastside Catholic School has its location in Sammamish, Washington. It was founded in 1980 and has a strong reputation for academic excellence. Eastside Catholic School strives to instill a sense of faith, ethics, and service in students. It offers a comprehensive college-preparatory curriculum with subjects like STEM, humanities, fine arts, and athletics. Eastside Catholic School has a student population of over 900 and has a rating of 3.88 out of 5.

6. West Sound Academy

Address: 23501 11th Ave SW, Federal Way, WA 98023

Tuition: $55,000

West Sound Academy was founded in 2001 and has its location in Federal Way, Washington. They have about 200 students population and is known for its excellent academic program. West Sound Academy is a great choice for parents looking for a school that will prepare them for college. The school has a solid academic reputation, rating 4.53 out of 5 from student reviews.

7. Mercer Island School District

Address: 4160 86th Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040-4196

Tuition: N/A

Mercer Island School District was founded in 1901, located in Mercer Island, Washington. It has a student population of 4000 and has a rating of 9 out of 10. The Mercer Island School District is a great place to learn and grow. The district’s schools offer a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities to help students reach their full potential. The school provides high-quality education for your child if you want an excellent Boarding School option.

8. Auburn Adventist Academy

Address: 1201 E Main St, Auburn, WA 98001

Tuition: $54,000

Auburn Adventist Academy was founded in 1905 and has its location in Auburn, Washington. It has a student population of 300 with a rating of 4.2 out of 5. They have a strong academic, character development, and Christian faith focus. The school provides its children with a strong educational foundation and a solid moral compass.

9. Evergreen Lutheran High School

Address: 14401 NE 20th St, Kirkland, WA 98033

Tuition: $24,500

Evergreen Lutheran High School has its location in Kirkland, Washington, and was founded in 1960. It strongly focuses on academics, community service, and its Lutheran faith. Evergreen Lutheran High School is an excellent choice because they challenge students academically and encourage them to get involved in community service. They have an enrollment of 200 students with a rating of 4.61 out of 5.

10. Upper Columbia Academy

Upper Columbia Academy

Address: 1000 N 2nd St, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Tuition: $18,950

Upper Columbia Academy was founded in 1974, with its locations in Wenatchee, Washington. The school is an excellent choice for parents who want a school that will provide their children with a personalized education. They have only 100 students and a commitment to outdoor education. It has a rating of 4.28 out of 5 based on reviews from students and parents.

5 Oldest Boarding Schools in Washington State 

Washington State boasts a rich history in education, and within its borders lie some of the oldest boarding schools in the region. These esteemed institutions have stood the test of time, providing generations of students with a foundation of knowledge and character.

Here are the 5 oldest Boarding Schools in Washington State: 

  • Holy Names Academy
  • Annie Wright Schools
  • The Northwest School
  • Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
  • Spring Street International School

What is the Oldest Boarding School in Washington? 

Holy Names Academy is the oldest boarding school in Washington.

5 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in Washington State 

Some Washington State Boarding Schools are the most exclusive in the country. They focus on academic excellence, character development, and holistic growth and come at a hefty price tag.

5 most expensive Boarding Schools in Washington State and their cost:

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart: $64,000

The Northwest School: $59,000

Spring Street International School: $57,000

West Sound Academy: $55,000

Auburn Adventist Academy: $54,000

How Much is Boarding School in Washington? 

Boarding Schools in Washington State have a tuition fee that ranges from $18,000 to $64,000. The price includes tuition, room and board, and other expenses such as textbooks, uniforms, and activities.

What is the Average Tuition Cost of Boarding School in Washington? 

The average tuition cost of Boarding Schools in Washington is $59,263 annually. 

Which Boarding School is the Most Expensive in Washington? 

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is the most expensive in Washington State, with a tuition of $64,000.

Top 5 Cheapest Boarding School in Washington State 

Washington State Boarding Schools are known for their high cost. However, some boarding schools still offer excellent educational opportunities at more affordable rates.

5 cheapest Boarding School in Washington State and their tuition:

  • Upper Columbia Academy: $18,950
  • Evergreen Lutheran High School: $24,500
  • Eastside Catholic School: $27,750
  • Skykomish Christian Academy:$29,500
  • Northwest Christian School: $30,000

Which Boarding School is the Cheapest in Washington? 

Upper Columbia Academy is the cheapest boarding school in Washington, with a tuition of $18,950.

Are There Free Boarding Schools in Washington? 

There are no free boarding schools in Washington State, but Mercer Island School District is a public school funded by taxes. However, students will still have to pay for textbooks, field trips, and other activities.

Boarding Schools in Washington Acceptance Rate 

Understanding the admission process and competitiveness of boarding schools in Washington Boarding Schools is essential in decision-making.

Here is the acceptance rate for the top 10 Boarding Schools in Washington: 

  • Mercer Island School District: 100%
  • Upper Columbia Academy: 80%
  • Auburn Adventist Academy:80%
  • West Sound Academy: 75%
  • Spring Street International School: 60%
  • Evergreen Lutheran High School: 60%
  • The Northwest School: 48%
  • Eastside Catholic School: 40%
  • Annie Wright Schools: 30%
  • Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart: 25%

What Boarding School in Washington Has the Lowest Acceptance Rates? 

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart has the lowest acceptance rate of 25%.

What Boarding School in Washington Has the Highest Average SAT Scores?

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart has the highest average SAT score of 1342.


WUE Schools – Affordable Studying

WUE Schools

Here is a list of the Best WUE Schools, as well as a few benefits for prospective students and parents who want to register in any of the programs. Have you ever wondered what WUE is all about or where you can find WUE schools? Simply take a cup of coffee, settle down, and read this article.

WUE is an acronym for Western Undergraduate Exchange System (WUE) and was created with the primary aim of providing financial assistance to out-of-state students.

WUE is a regional tuition-reciprocity agreement that allows students from WICHE states to register around 145 participating two- and four-year public universities for 150 percent of the enrolling institution’s resident tuition.

WUE is the nation’s biggest program of its kind, having been in operation since 1987! WUE is not intended to be a short-term exchange; rather, it is intended to be utilized to a complete degree.

What is WUE?

WUE is a tuition reduction program managed and administered by the American Commission for Western Higher Education (WICHE). Because it is not a needs-based education program, many kids might benefit from more accessible out-of-state schooling.

WUE, on the other hand, offers a significant tuition reduction to students from outside the state. They typically pay no more than 150 percent of state tuition, as opposed to a conventional tuition cost of up to 300 percent of state tuition.

California residents, for example, spend around $ 5,742 to attend California State University. WUE students pay $8,613 in tuition, while other international students pay $17,622.

Each WUE member school has the authority to administer the WUE admission discount in accordance with its own set of guidelines. You should examine the website of the school you are interested in to see if there is a license or financial help available to ensure that you understand what your school requires.

Schools That Participate in WUE

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are among the states that participate in WUE.

Each WUE member school is free to administer the WUE admission discount in accordance with its own policies. To ensure that you understand what your school requires, examine the website of the institution you are interested in to see whether there is a license or financial support.

It should be noted that the list of WUE members does not include many of the most well-known colleges, which most students want to attend.

List of WUE Schools

Are you looking for a complete list of WUE schools around the state? So, here are a few of them:


University of Alaska Anchorage

University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau Campus


Arizona State University / Downtown

Arizona State University / Polytechnic Campus

Arizona State University / West Campus

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University, Yuma Campus

University of Arizona

University of Arizona South


Adams State University

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado State University

Colorado State University, Pueblo

Fort Lewis College

Metropolitan State College of Denver

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

University of Colorado Denver

University of Northern Colorado

Western State College of Colorado


The University of Hawaii at Hilo

The University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Hawaii Maui College

University of Hawaii-West Oahu


Boise State University

College of Southern Idaho

Idaho State University

Lewis-Clark State College

University of Idaho


Montana State University, Billings

Montana State University, Bozeman

Montana State University, Northern

Montana Technical University

University of Montana, Missoula

University of Montana, Western


Nevada State College

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Reno

New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University – Portales

New Mexico Highlands University

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

New Mexico State University

Northern New Mexico College

University of New Mexico

Western New Mexico University

North Dakota

Dickinson State University

Mayville State University

Minot State University

North Dakota State University

University of North Dakota

Valley City State University


Eastern Oregon University

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon State University

Portland State University

Southern Oregon University

Western Oregon University

South Dakota

Black Hills State University

Dakota State University

Northern State University

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

South Dakota State University

University of South Dakota


Dixie State College of Utah

Southern Utah University

University of Utah

Utah State University

Utah Valley University

Weber State University


Central Washington University

Eastern Washington University

Evergreen State College

Washington State University

Washington State University Everett

Washington State University Tri-Cities

Washington State University Vancouver

Western Washington University

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University of Wyoming

Best WUE Schools

From the above list, you can see that we have a comprehensive list of WUE schools. Looking for the best WUE Schools? Then you should check out the schools discussed below.

1. Black Hills State University (WUE Tuition: $14,807)

Black Hills State University, located in Spearfish, South Dakota, is a public university. The school is ranked #128-#165 in Regional Universities Midwest based on its performance across a set of widely regarded excellence factors.

When applying to this WUE School, keep in mind that the application deadline is rolling. Black Hills State University charges a $20 application fee. The ACT or SAT results are due on July 15 with an 80% acceptance rate and 33% graduation rate

2. University of New Mexico (WUE Tuition: $7,929)

More than 300 student organizations, ranging from cultural and religious to intellectual, political, and service-oriented, are housed at the University of New Mexico.

The University of New Mexico is the only Hispanic-Serving Institution in the United States that is also a Carnegie Research University with Very High Activity. The University of New Mexico is ranked National University in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges, and its location is urban, with a campus area of 769 acres.

This school is one of the top WUE schools on our list and follows a semester-based academic calendar. The University of New Mexico has a 58% rate and a 48% graduation rate

3. Minot State University (WUE Tuition: $7,064)

Minot State University is an above-average public university in Minot, North Dakota. It is a tiny college with a total enrolment of 1,952 undergraduate students.

The school is committed to achieving excellence in education, scholarship, and community engagement via demanding academic experiences, dynamic learning settings, public service commitment, and lively campus life.

Popular majors at the institution include business, nursing, and elementary education. The school has a 60% acceptance rate and a 40% graduate rate.

4. Colorado State University, Pueblo (WUE Tuition: $28,787)

Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU–Pueblo) is a regional comprehensive public university in Pueblo, Colorado. This institution is a fully accredited regional comprehensive state university that offers its students social, educational, and cultural possibilities.

More specifically, courses are available for those pursuing the following degrees: Sociology/Criminology concentration, Social Work, Business Administration, and Management, as well as a number of lower-division general education courses.

With a small faculty-to-student ratio, WUE schools in Colorado provide relevant professional training, hands-on research opportunities, and exceptional instruction. The university has an acceptance rate of 96% and a graduation rate of 32%.

5. Mayville State University (WUE Tuition: $19,700)

Mayville State University is a public university that was established in 1889. It boasts a total undergraduate enrolment of 1,097, a rural environment, and a campus area of 55 acres.

The academic schedule is semester-based. Mayville State University is committed to excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship in dynamic, inclusive, and supportive learning environments that are centered on the person.

6. Northern Arizona University (WUE Tuition: $14,619)

Northern Arizona University is a WUE institution that provides an excellent education in Arizona and worldwide.

The NAU has provided a student-centered experience for more than 120 years via challenging academic programs led by devoted, world-renowned teachers and researchers.

NAU is the perfect university for academic brilliance, personal development, professional success, and world-class adventure. Mining Engineering is the sole WUE major available at the University of Arizona.

7. Mayville State University (WUE Tuition: $19,700)

Mayville State University is a public university that was established in 1889. It boasts a total undergraduate enrolment of 1,097, a rural environment, and a campus area of 55 acres. The academic schedule is semester-based.

Mayville State University is committed to excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship in dynamic, inclusive, and supportive learning settings that focus on the person.

8. Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)

Oregon Tech, situated in Klamath Falls, Oregon, is an above-average public institution. It is a tiny college with a total enrolment of 2,284 undergraduate students. Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician, Dental Hygiene, and Medical Technician are also popular degrees.

OIT stresses sustainability in both academics and campus life as the institution with America’s first undergraduate program in renewable energy engineering.

9. University of Alaska Anchorage (WUE Tuition: $12,543)

The University of Alaska Anchorage is a public research university in the United States. UAA also manages four community campuses in Southcentral Alaska.

It is made up of the Anchorage Campus, which is located in the center of Alaska’s largest city, as well as Kenai Peninsula College, Matanuska Susitna College, Kodiak College, and Prince William Sound College, which are all located in some of Alaska’s most beautiful locales. This college offers degrees in Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing, and Accounting. In addition, it is one of WUE’s nursing schools.

10. University of Colorado  (WUE Tuition: $20,051)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a public research university located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colorado WUE schools is a public school that was established in 1965. This is one of the greatest Colorado WUE schools, with over 12,000 students enrolled in a range of interesting and difficult academic programs at a low cost.

With small class sizes and opportunities to connect with academics, the school provides a high-quality University of Colorado education. Faculty at WUE schools in Colorado have created new academic programs in Digital Filmmaking, Inclusive Elementary Education, Inclusive Childhood Education, Data Analytics & Systems Engineering, Engineering Education, Exercise Science, Music, Museum Studies & Gallery Practice, and Athletic Training.

11. University of Wyoming (WUE Tuition: $17,490)

The University of Wyoming is a public university that was established in 1886. It has a total undergraduate enrolment of 9,791, a suburban environment, and a campus area of 785 acres. The academic schedule is semester-based. Students at the University of Washington can also gain academic credit by completing seminars at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). The institution also provides outreach education in Wyoming communities and online.

12. University of Nevada (WUE Tuition: $11,582)

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a public research university located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UNLV is an above-average public university located in Paradise, Nevada, in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. It is a huge university with 18,958 undergraduate students enrolled. Hospitality and Tourism Management, Psychology, and Criminal Justice and Safety Studies are among the school’s majors.

WUE Schools in California

Below are some of the WUE Schools in California (WUE Tuition: $6,005)

1. Pomona State Polytechnic University

Pomona State Polytechnic University is a public polytechnic university in Pomona, California.

In 1938, the California State Polytechnic University was created as the Cal Poly Voorhis Unit in San Dimas, California. Cal Poly, as it is popularly known, began awarding Associate’s degrees in 1938 and bachelor’s degrees in 1940. Across its nine (9) academic colleges, California State Polytechnic University now provides bachelor’s degrees in 94 majors, 39 master’s degrees, 13 teaching certificates, and a doctorate.

Cal Poly offers a “learn by doing” attitude in which hands-on application of information is a fundamental aspect of the curriculum. It is one of two polytechnic institutions in the California State University system, as well as one of California’s WUE Schools. The acceptance rate at California State Polytechnic University is 65%

2. California State University Long Beach (WUE Tuition: $8,205)

California State University, Long Beach is a public research university in Long Beach, California. Los Angeles-Orange County State College was established in 1949 by then-California Governor Earl Warren to serve the rapidly expanding post-World War II population of Orange and Southern Los Angeles counties. CSULB has grown to become one of the state’s largest universities since then. It is also a member of California’s WUE Schools.

In diverse academic subjects, the institution provides 82 bachelor’s degrees, 65 master’s degrees, and four doctorate degrees. The university now has an estimated student population of 41,264 students, which includes undergraduates, graduates, and doctorate students scattered among the institution’s 78 academic departments. The acceptance rate at California State University, Long Beach is 48%, with a 69% graduation rate.

3. California State University-Chico (WUE Tuition: $9,285)

California State University-Chico is a public university in Chico, California, United States. It was founded on March 12, 1887, and has a total enrollment of 16,630 students as of the fall 2020 semester.

There are 126 bachelor’s degree programs and 35 master’s degree programs available at the university. The university has over 75 departments and provides over 150 undergraduate degrees throughout its seven (7) colleges and four (4) schools.

The acceptance rate at California State University-Chico is 93%, with a 69% graduate rate.

4. California State University Los Angeles (WUE Tuition: $2,785)

California State Institution, Los Angeles is a public research university in Los Angeles, California. It is part of the California State University (CSU) system, which has 23 campuses. California State University, Los Angeles offers 142 bachelor’s degrees, 122 master’s degrees, and four doctoral degrees: a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in special education in collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and a Doctor of Audiology (AuD). It also provides 22 different teaching certificates. The acceptance rate at California State University Los Angeles is 76%, with a 49% graduation rate.

5. California State University Dominguez Hills (WUE Tuition: $4,1785)

California State University Dominguez Hills is a public university in Carson, California, that was founded in 1960 as South Bay State College. The institution had a total enrolment of 17,763 students as of autumn 2020, with 15,873 undergraduates and 1,890 post-baccalaureate students.

California State University, Dominguez Hills has six (6) colleges and provides 53 Bachelor’s degrees, 25 masters’ programs, a range of single, multi-subject, and specialty teaching qualifications, and a number of undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate certificate programs. The acceptance rate at California State University Carson is 81%, with a 74% graduation rate.

6. California State Institution East Bay (WUE Tuition: $10,1785)

California State Institution, East Bay is a public research university in Hayward, California. The institution is a member of the 23-campus California State University system, and it offers 136 undergraduate and 60 post-baccalaureate programs. California State University, East Bay, which was founded in 1957 as the State College for Alameda County, has a student population of almost 15,000 students. It is one of California’s top WUE schools. The acceptance rate at California State University, East Bay is 73%, with a 76% graduation rate.

WUE Schools Tuition

Well, it is already established that the WUE program seeks to reduce tuition for out-of-state residents. Is there a fixed amount for WUE schools tuition? No.

Here’s how it works, for example, if the resident tuition rate at “Best Western University,” where you’re enrolled, is $10,000, your WUE rate will be $15,000 ($10,000 x 1.5).

You would pay $20,000 if you paid the full nonresident rate. Thus, you save $5,000 ($20,000 – $15,000) every year.

Please keep in mind that this is only an example. To determine your WUE rate, contact your enrolling institution directly and inquire about their resident tuition rate. More than 26,700 students saved $210.8 million by enrolling with WUE during the most recent school year. The WUE program was designed for first-year undergraduate students.

However, it is up to the enrolling school to decide whether or not to extend the discount to a student enrolling for his or her second undergraduate degree.

Best WUE Schools For Business

The following is a list of the finest WUE Schools for Business to which you may choose to apply to further your education.

1. The University of Colorado—Denver (WUE Tuition: $32,005)

The University of Colorado—Denver is a public university that was established in 1912. The university has a total undergraduate enrolment of around 15,586 students dispersed over the institution’s eight (8) schools. The academic schedule is semester-based.

Music, engineering, business, cinema and television, culture, history, language, digital design, natural sciences, and biological sciences are among the academic fields offered by the institution.

Furthermore, the University of Colorado Denver is home to Colorado’s biggest graduate business school and graduate school of education. The University of Colorado is unquestionably one of the finest WUE Schools for pursuing a business degree.

2. University of Hawaii Maui College (WUE Tuition: $1,178)

The University of Hawaii Maui College is a public university in Kahului, Hawaii, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The University of Hawaii, Maui College was founded in 1931 as the Maui Vocational School, but the name was changed in 2010 to better represent UH Maui College’s three bachelor degrees.

The University of Hawaii Maui College provides Associate Degrees, Bachelor of Applied Science degrees, and certifications in a variety of academic fields. UHMC is one of the best WUE Schools for Business Administration that you should think about for your academic pursuit.

Another university to check out is The University of Alaska Anchorage, which is known for its Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing, and Business Administration programs. You may also want to check out the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


In this post, we gave a list of the finest WUE Schools where you may begin your career while benefitting from the reduced tuition savings program offered by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) via the Western Undergraduate Exchange.

University Of The People Admission, Tuition Fees and Courses

University Of The People 3 1

University of the People (UoPeople) is a private American non-profit distance learning institution of higher education that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. It was established in 2009 by Shai Reshef, an entrepreneur.

It has an online campus and a student base of 15,000 this year from over 200 countries. The university is located at Pasadena, California, the United States an has an official website at University of the People is a nationally accredited by DEAC in 2014 and approved by BPPE.

The university offers both a two-year associate and a four-year bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, computer science, and health science, as well as an MBA program.

About University of the People

UoPeople has rapidly gained recognition in the international space of online tertiary education and also has the support of leading academics from renowned universities around the world.

The university has partnered with Yale ISP Law School for research and New York University, the University of California Berkeley and the University of Edinburgh to accept students. UoPeople is also affiliated with the UN, UNESCO, and Ashoka, among other international organizations.

UoPeople’s corporate partners include Microsoft and HP. Its President’s Council, includes presidents, chancellors, and vice chancellors from other universities such as NYU, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, The Rockefeller University, Vassar University, the George Washington University, and others.

The University of the People is the first worldwide tuition-free university with online classes and virtual textbooks. Therefore students are not charged for their educational instruction, course materials, or annual enrollment. But students are required to pay some administrative fees which include processing fees for applications and final exam assessments. Students who cannot afford the administrative costs can apply for scholarships if they are eligible.

5 things you should know about University of the People

5 things you should know about University of the People

The University of the People (UoPeople) narrative began when education entrepreneur Shai Reshef observed firsthand the power of online education. Because it was still much too expensive for most people, he founded the first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online American university in 2009, which now has students from all over the world.

Here are 5 things to know about University of the People:

1. University of the People is a tuition-free online university

UoPeople, a completely virtual university, combines low-tech educational materials with experienced volunteer teachers. There are no fees for courses, materials, or enrollment. Tuition is completely free, however you must pay a small cost for course evaluations, which totals $100 for undergraduate programs and $200 for graduate programs. This means you may earn a full bachelor’s degree for less than $4,000. W

2. It is a legitimate American university

The University of the People bills itself as the “first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university.” The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the US Department of Education, has accredited it. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes DEAC, making UoPeople a valid American institution. Even nations with distinct educational systems are prepared to consider US degrees provided they are certified in the United States.

3. You can enrol from anywhere in the world

One may argue that UoPeople students have always been prepared to learn in the event of a pandemic. Students in 200 nations and territories were able to continue their studies, despite the disruption of thousands of other programs. This is significant since many UoPeople students are working adults, young parents, undocumented students, and refugees; for many of them, this is their only opportunity to pursue higher education.

4. You may progress to well-established universities

UoPeople alumni benefit from the university’s long-standing relationships with partners and prestigious universities. Many go on to study at institutions across the world, including New York University, the University of Auckland, UC Berkeley, the University of Nairobi, Sapienza University of Rome, and many others.

5. Thousands graduate from the University of the People every year

Employers were skeptical of a free online degree when UoPeople initially launched in 2009. Currently, 87% of UoPeople alumni are employed, with 71% working full-time. Some work for companies such as Amazon, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

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Top reasons to study in Uopeople

  • University of the People is accessible anywhere a computer and Internet connection exists.
  • The mission of University of the People is to offer affordable, quality, online, degree-granting educational programs to any qualified student.
  • Focus on competencies and skills required for success in the global economy.

UoPeople Tuition Fees

The University of the People bills itself as “tuition-free”. Nevertheless, there are costs that a student must pay:

  • Registration fee of $60 so to register a student at the University of the People
  • An exam administration fee of $100-$200 for each exam a student takes

To complete an associate degree (A.S.), a student must take 20 exams and 40 exams for a bachelor’s degree, which costs $2,060 and $4,060, respectively.

For the MBA, a student has to pay a $200 exam fee per course for 12 courses, which brings the total cost to $2460.

Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programs at UoPeople

As a fully accredited online University, UoPeople has a number of requirements for its potential applicants to maintain a strong and intellectual student body.

The admission requirements include; applicants to be 16 years old or older, capable of demonstrating high school completion and have proficiency in English.

Applicants who are non-native English speakers, or did not complete their high school education in an institution where the primary language of instruction is English, are required to provide proof of English proficiency.

Should applicants be unable to provide proof of English proficiency, they will need to successfully complete an UoPeople English course before proceeding to UoPeople Foundations. To formally apply for admissions consideration to UoPeople, applicants must complete an online application.

And once eligible to begin studies at UoPeople, applicants are required to submit a payment of a non-refundable Application Processing Fee.

UoPeople does not require a standardized entrance exam for admittance. Therefore, entrance exams are not required for admission meaning, there is no need to submit any standardized test scores in order to be accepted to the online degree program offered at UoPeople.

Also in order to be admitted to an undergraduate degree program, students must successfully complete the UoPeople Foundations Courses. The UoPeople Foundations Courses are designed to equip students with the necessary skills needed to thrive in their various academic degree studies.

Once students have successfully passed the UoPeople Foundations Courses and sent their proof of high school completion document, they may continue as Degree Seeking Students at UoPeople in their desired undergraduate degree program.

UoPeople also accepts official post-secondary credentials for admissions consideration such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. All submitted documents become the property of University of the People, and will not be returned so applicants should ensure to make multiple copies of submitted documents.

Requirements for Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Requirements for Master’s Degree in Business Administration

To meet admission requirements, applicants need to have; English proficiency (international students must meet English proficiency requirements according to the DEAC guidelines for graduate study.

If unable to demonstrate English Proficiency, then the applicant will be required to complete English Composition 1 course in their first term, before continuing to study in the foundation courses), a minimum of two years of work experience, One reference (from an employer/lecturer, etc.) and an official bachelor’s degree transcript.

To apply for admission to the MBA program, applicants must complete an online application including payment of a non-refundable Application Processing Fee.

Once applicants complete their online application, they will be considered for admission to the UoPeople Foundations Courses and must successfully complete the UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses to be admitted into a graduate program.

Once students have successfully passed the UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses and sent their proof of Bachelor’s degree completion document, they may continue as a Degree-Seeking Students at UoPeople in their MBA degree program.

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The UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses count among the MBA degree credit requirements. Proof of undergraduate degree completion may be satisfied during the first term at UoPeople through the submission of an official diploma (or transcript showing graduation) sent directly to UoPeople (either mailed, submitted online or a scanned copy sent electronically)

Applicants are to submit a resume showing at least two years of work experience, a Letter of Recommendation from one individual who can write knowledgeably about their academic background and/or work experience.

The letter should be formally written and addressed to the UoPeople Office of Admissions. The letter should be submitted with the recommender’s first and last name, email address, and phone number including the country code.

University of the People courses

This online college offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

  • These are; Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Business Administration: The programme has 40 courses, and full-time students can complete it in four years.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: It also has 40 courses that a full-time student can complete in four years.
  • Associate of Science in Computer Science: There are 20 courses which full-time students complete in two years.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science:
  • There are 39 courses which are completed in four years by full-time students.
  • Associate of Science in Health Science: There are 19 courses. Master of Education in Advanced Teaching.


UoPeople accepts students who have graduated high school, have access to a computer and the Internet and have sufficient English skills to study at the University. Applicants need to complete the application requirements and undergo an application process in order to be accepted into the program.

Application Instructions For University of the People

The admission process is administered in 5 terms annually. The next deadline are 16 March 2023 for term starting 6 April 2023 and 25 May 2023 for term starting 15 June 2023. Interested applicants should apply today.

All applications are made online. The process is relatively straightforward. Each new applicant is assigned a personal admissions advisor who guides them throughout the process.

Any concerns or questions should be directed to the advisor. When making the application, some of the details that you will need are;

  • Your basic information (name, date of birth, address). All applicants must be at least 16 years old.
  • Education history: This will include your high school information and first degrees if any.
  • Proof of English proficiency, where applicable.l

Career Service Center at the University of the People

The Career Service Center at the University of the People provides career advice and advising for professional guidance and achievement both during and after the completion of a UoPeople degree. The Career Service Center at the University of the People provides students with comprehensive, expert assistance as well as instruments to strengthen critical professional skills relevant to the corporate world, such as:

Creating a resume and creating a cover letter
Job-seeking abilities
Techniques for conducting interviews
Expertise in professional networking
The Career Service Center is available to students both throughout their studies and after they have graduated.

Student Services at University of the People

The Office of Student Services is established to provide students with personal attention and resources to help them effectively finish their degree programs throughout their studies. Student services offers administrative and academic support to students, including university regulations and processes, course registration, and any other basic information about the student and institution to improve student experiences. Students may access all student data, paperwork and transcripts, graduation dates and logistics, referrals to other offices, and the UoPeople Student Handbook through our online Student Portal.

Library Services

The University of the People Library and Resource Center (ULRC) provides students and faculty with access to a wide range of high-quality academic materials and services that support the University’s academic programs. Subscriptions are available to students and teachers through the Library and Information Resources Network, a collection of over 60 million proprietary resources.

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UoPeople Acceptance Rate

University of the People has an acceptance rate of 100% and is among the 23% of the easiest universities to gain admission to in the United States. The university reports the admission statistics without distinguishing between local and international students. 56,292 enrolled exclusively in distance education.

Scholarships in The University Of The People

This educational institution offers various scholarships to deserving students.
Below are scholarships offered by University of the People:
1. Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship FundThis fund provides support to students with major priority to those who have been in foster care.
2. Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is available for New/Existing Students. (Audience to be reached: Female, Brazilian Students)
3. Henry Schein Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is available for New/Existing Students (Audience to be reached: Health Science Students)
4. Myanmar Scholarship Fund:  This scholarship is available for New/Existing Students (Audience to be reached: Myanmarese)
5. Vietnamese Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is available for New Students (Audience to be reached: Vietnamese)
6. Small Giants Refugees Fund: This scholarship is available for New/Existing Students (Audience to be reached: Refugees)

7. Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund: This scholarship available is for New/Existing Students

(Audience to be reached: Refugees)
8. The Gutwirth Foundation: This scholarship available is for New/Existing Students. (Audience to be reached: Israelis and Palestinians)
9. Kruger Myanmar Scholarship: This scholarship available is for New/Existing Students. (Audience to be reached: Citizens of Myanmar)
10. Intel Haitian Women Scholarship: This scholarship available is for New/Existing Students (Audience to be reached: Haitian Women)

Application Deadline for these scholarships are 10th January annually

Is the University of the People Approved?

The University of the People is a tuition-free and accredited online university that awards Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA degree certifications to students who complete their courses.
The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission have authorized and accredited the University of the People USA.

Can I Secure a Job with a Degree Gotten from the University?

You certainly can! Degree certifications obtained from a recognized online university will help you land your ideal career. The University is like any other university, except that there are no tuition costs because it is a non-profit institution. The University has competent and experienced instructors.

List of Partners of the University of the People (UoP)

Below are Universities and bodies with which the University of the People is affiliated to:

  • University of California Berkeley
  • Yale ISP Law School for Research
  • Harvard Business School Online
  • New York University
  • University of Edinburgh

Conclusion: University Of The People Admission, Tuition Fees and Courses

This article reviews the University of the People Online Tuition Free Degrees , including the Undergraduate and graduate degrees, host institution, the field of study, eligibility, target group, and scholarship worth comprehensively.

FAQ on University Of The People Admission, Tuition Fees and Courses

Is the University of People free online?

The university is the first online, non-profit, and tuition-free institution in the world. UoPeople provides the chance to seek a top-notch and priceless American degree with its innovative online learning approach and instructors from the most renowned academic volunteers worldwide.

How can I study at the University of People for free?

Tuition at the University of the People is free, and most of the college costs have been eliminated. Low application and assessment costs help the university fulfill its goal of making high-quality education accessible to all students.